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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Les Miles Aftermath

Now that Les Miles has made it clear that he plans to stay at LSU instead of bolting to Michigan, let's look back at what caused all the craziness on Saturday. Terry Foster of the Detroit News is standing by the early reports that a deal was made for Miles to come to Michigan. His sources confirmed that Miles was indeed coming to Ann Arbor, and Foster was setting up a meeting with Miles for next week.

Then there is the Big Ten Network's Gerry DiNardo who is reporting that Miles to Michigan ended up falling through for two reasons. Number one, Michigan AD Bill Martin would not meet with Miles until after LSU played in the SEC Championship game. Secondly, LSU offered Les Miles three different contracts. The best one, which it appears he ended up accepting, would only be on the table if he agreed to it before the SEC Title game. The other two were different and depended on whether the Tigers won or lost against Tennessee on Saturday. Obviously Miles decided to take the best contract and the guaranteed money LSU was offering.

It should also be noted that ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit sorta stood by his initial report Saturday during the telecast of the Oklahoma-Missouri game. Herbstreit basically said he would not have gone on the air with breaking news had he not had numerous sources at Michigan confirming to him that Miles would accept the position with UM. He also would not rule out the possibility of Miles still going to Michigan, as we have learned anything can happen in this day and age.

So whats to make of all of this? Who knows what actually happened. Probably nobody ever will except for Les Miles. It appears that Miles had at least told some associated with Michigan that he would be leaving for Ann Arbor. Whether he changed his mind when LSU offered more money, when ESPN prematurely broke the news, or for other reasons, only he knows. However, it should be noted that Miles is certainly no "victim" because of all of this. Whatever the case may be, it has been reported the LSU coach's new contract is worth $3 million next season. In conclusion, if we take Miles for his word now he will be the head coach at LSU next season, and Michigan is left to Plan C, or worse.